Guangxi issues General Forestry Order No. 2 this year

Recently, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region issued General Forest Chief Order No. 2 of 2024, requiring forest chiefs at all levels in the region to resolutely shoulder the responsibility of preventing and extinguishing forest and grassland fires, refine prevention and control measures, effectively prevent and resolve forest fire risks, and resolutely build an ecological firewall , to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.

In terms of responsibility implementation, General Lin Changling proposed to implement the responsibility system of local government administrative heads and improve autonomous regions, cities, counties, townships, and villages in accordance with the requirements of "the party and government have equal responsibilities, one post has dual responsibilities, joint management, and accountability for dereliction of duty." The five-level forest fire prevention grid management system tightens the "four-party responsibilities" of territories, departments, units, and individuals. Taking the assessment of the forest chief system as the baton, we will incorporate the grid-based management of forest fire prevention into the assessment content, strengthen work supervision, strictly hold accountable any breach of responsibility, and promote the implementation of various prevention and control measures for forest fire prevention and extinguishing.

In terms of fire source control, the General Forestry Order requires regular forest patrols and strict implementation of the grid-covered management and protection system. Carry out in-depth investigation and rectification of fire risk hazards, strictly implement relevant regulations such as reporting and supervision of productive fire use in forest areas, reporting and supervision of agricultural fire use, and strict management of fire control for sacrificial and sweeping purposes, so as to effectively control the source of fire. During important fire prevention periods and periods of high forest fire danger, fire bans are issued promptly as needed, all wild fire use in forest areas is strictly prohibited, and mountain closure management is implemented when necessary.

In terms of publicity and education, the General Forestry Order requires that the public’s fire prevention awareness and self-rescue and mutual rescue capabilities be improved. Pay attention to the construction, management and application of forest fire prevention and extinguishing infrastructure, strengthen the construction of professional and semi-professional forest firefighting teams at the grassroots level, and continuously improve the fire fighting capabilities of various teams; strengthen forest fire emergency plan drills, and timely release forest fire danger forecast and early warning information , do a good job in early warning response. In the event of a sudden fire, we must put life first and safety first, conduct professional command and scientific fire fighting, and do our best to avoid casualties.


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