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Restructured from Wuzhou Rosin Plant-the earliest Chinese gum rosin plant established in 1946, Wuzhou Pine Chemicals Ltd (hereinafter “WZPC”) was founded in January,25th,2000. WZPC was the first Chinese company to produce gum rosin by machine in 1950. In November, 1952, the first Chinese gum rosin was exported overseas from WZPC. From then on,  WZPC received a great number of  and awards from home and abroad, including being recognized as the most leading enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization by 7 State organizations for a 5 consecutive times. With the development of the past 70 years, WZPC has become the largest producer of gum rosin,gum turpentine and their derivatives in China. Starting from the steam distillation of crude gum, WZPC manufactures a wide range of pine chemical products which are mainly categorized into two groups: Gum Rosin derivatives and Gum Turpentine derivatives. The former ones include Gum rosin, Disproportionated rosin, Potassium/Sodium Soap of Disproportionated Rosin, Refined Rosin, Rosin Ester,Hydrogenated Rosin, Ester Gum; The latter ones include Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Pinene, Dihydromyrcene, Dihydromyrcenol,Longifolene., etc.WZPC’s products are widely used in the industries of synthetic rubber, ABS plastic, adhesives,food, flavors, fragrance,pharmacy.,etc. We bring customers great satisfaction with the supply of these high-quality products and our premier service. Based on further processing of the pine resin, WZPC’s goal is to become an integrated and innovative enterprises group in the Pine Chemical industry. WZPC will carry on the “Spirits of WZPC ” which says united, hardworking,dedicative and creative for a splendid tomorrow .

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